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 Posted: Fri Jan 14th, 2022 12:28 am
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Thanks for the reply, Peter.

I have contemplated not covering a tunnel next to the wall completely, 
as not bringing scenery tight right up against a painted wall backdrop, 
would help with perspective, especially in mountainous terrain I think.....?

At this point, the track plans look like they would be 3 feet deep at most, 
(a bit more in a corner), 
but I think that's reachable with care, as I am taller than average.

And yes, I do plan on making changes as I go along, 
for me the process of modeling is more appealing, 
than operating trains on a finished layout. 

It may sound strange, but basically I want a layout 
for somewhere to put the scratch built structures and rolling stock 
I find the greatest enjoyment in when engaged in this hobby.

Mark from Illinois
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