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 Posted: Sun Jan 16th, 2022 02:34 am
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Thanks for the reply, Michael.

Especially the part about the switches, 
as one of the track plans I do really like, 
does have a switch under the mountain. 

As I used to sometimes warn my HS students, 
when I heard of some of their sketchier plans:
"That sounds like a train wreck looking for its crossing..."

I suppose switches in tunnels are likely not at all prototypical, 
(rivet counters: feel free to chime in) 
but I think a model tunnel with a switch in it is truly a: 
"Train wreck looking for its schedule..."

That stated, the prototype for my model railroad, 
exists solely in some alternate past reality in my head,
where prototypical accuracy is a passing suggestion relegated to a moot point... 
A large part of what attracted me to On30...

I will have to store some of the flotsam and jettison, 
of 39+ years and counting of living in this old house, under the layout, 
so if something falls past the tiny fences I will put on this part of the track, 
it wont fall too far. 

Turning this basement room into a "train room" is actually a good exercise, 
as lots of "stuff" is going to recycling and charity...

Mark from Illinois
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