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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2007 02:01 pm
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Large scale r/c has been around for quite awhile, I'm talking about On30, On3, S, HO, and even N scale r/c. It HAS been done in N here in Dallas but the fellow who built the equipment said that when he showed it to his "club", they were very un-impressed and went back to table thumping and short circuit searching. I have been "pushing" r/c for a number of years and some of the local guys are tired of my tirades so they stay with their old-timey controls.  Someday.....

In the mean time, I am using rechargable Lithium batteries and very small r/c auto receivers/speed controls in my narrow gauge locos. Lithiums ain't cheap but they work quite well. Some of the "converts" use regular old 9 volt alkalines for power and love it.  I have written volumes about this and if anyone is really, REALLY interested, I can be persuaded to write more. Currently, here in Dallas there are several guys using r/c in On30, one has an HO r/c loco, and a friend & I run 1:32n20 r/c mining operations. I am a "silent runner" and don't care for sound effects, however most sound boards which operate on analog dc (Tsunami, etc) can supply the noise. Yep, the cost is rather high, but compared to a full blown dcc system, it is perhaps a bit less expensive-consider that you will never need Brite Boys and any of the associated complex wiring and switches to run the trains.

Whatever melts your butter is what I advocate, if you enjoy dc or dcc, I won't try to persuade you, if you are tired of 'lecktricity-this may be for you.

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