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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2007 04:10 pm
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Now that you're interested, find some r/c car racers & r/c flyers in your area and get to be friends with them. They know all the tricks and can help you along. One of my friends could care less about trains, but is a fine r/c jet flyer and has given much valuable advice and coaxing with what I am doing. At the local r/c car shop, checkout TEAM LOSI MICRO-T receivers, cost about 30 bucks and easily fit into Bachmann On30 tenders along with a battery. Then all you need is a transmitter(some guys will give you one-an old 27MHZ job) or buy a new Futaba 2 channel/2 stick r/c set, cost less than 50 bucks, a 9 volt battery and  battery plug/holder and go to town. The equipment can be put into a trailer car (box or gon) and the little lokies (Porters, etc) can be plugged in & run. When you do this, you will want to SEVER the connection between track pickup (or get rid of it all together) and motor, same as dcc installations but much simpler! If you can get a copy of LIGHT IRON DIGEST Vol 6, Number 5-Oct/Nov 2004, I had a pretty comprehensive story about r/c in my old On30 stuff and still use the same components except now I use the Lithium rechargables. By the way, these receivers have PROPORTIONAL speed control and run the locos the same as with dc or dcc but since you don't need clean track, life is easier!

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