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 Posted: Thu May 17th, 2007 05:38 pm
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Hey Bob-here's something you might try for the hum noise-solder a couple of tiny capacitors across the motor brushes. This quited the noise in one of my locos. You might try some sound effects to hide the noise, but sometimes I would rather listen to the board hum than chuff chuff stuff. How about this-put on headphones and listen to some cool jazz or classical music, that's my kind of noise! And yes, there are capacitors available for this at the hobby shop made by Trinity Products but I don't remember the part number, they are in the r/c car department. I am glad there is interest in this area, if a train manufacturer would jump on board life would sure be easier.

Better living with batteries- ye old troublemaker

BTW-I got a glimpse at some really, REALLY tiny rechargable Lithium Ion batteries that would surely fit in most any HO and possibly some N locos. Now if we could discover a smaller board that does what we want (and a not too expensive price). I also heard that CREST (Aristo Craft) is cutting its' DC ENGINEER board and transmitter. This costs more than the car stuff deoes, but it can be run with batteries and the boards are a little smaller. For some strange reason, Crest never mentions in their brocures that this thing can be run from batteries, their plan is to keep track wiring & turn up the speed-a sort of dcc-ish plan. I believe that if they promoted using their system with batteries, maybe they would see increased sales! Oh well, what do I know about such things!


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