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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2007 06:19 pm
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Hi All,

Woodie helped me get started in radio control about 1 1/2 years ago and I've never turned back.  I model in 3/8n20 and Woodie got me started in this too! I really like the Kyosho/Losi boards and have also used the HO Crest boards too.  I bought one of the Crest receivers and Transmitter and thought it was worth the try of replacing the track power with the Lithium Polymer battery and it worked!  I wrote up an article on all of this about a year ago on the Texas Outlaws sight.  The Crest system works great for me but I know several people who tried it had problems with it.  There are a couple of key features that I like about the Crest system - You can adjust the momentum to make engines run REALLY slow, you can manually turn the directional headlight on and off and there is no noise from the board.  The board is actually a 72 MHZ FM board. I'm on my second transmitter though as the first one quit after about 4 months.  I saw on Walther's that these units are now being discontinued and are being replaced by a new 900 MHZ unit sometime in the future but I have not been able to locate any additional information about this on the Crest website.

Either way, I can vouch for the ease of using radio control.  I used to love the sound aspect of my trains but after starting a layout with no wires or electrical headaches, it far outweighs the sound.  I tinkered with using a Tsunami in one of the engines but thus far have not been able to tweak it to work to my satisfaction.  But, I'm still working on it!

Thanks again Woodie!

Travis in Frisco, TX


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