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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2007 10:59 pm
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Eh, I can't really model but I sure am having fun!  What I really like doing is things that people say "that can't be done".   It's like the learning curve with anything you do out there.  I used to use DCC and took me a long time just to get up the nerve to hook up the wires and see if it works.    The first time I saw a radio control loco run I knew it was for me.   Now I can solder up a Crest board in about 15 minutes.   What is really boils down to is what you really want.  I wanted the freedom from wires and electricity.  Well, I do have to use electricity to recharge the batteries every 3-6 months with my lithium polymer charger! 

Keep up the excellent modeling and inspirations to us all Woodie!

Travis in Frisco, TX

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