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 Posted: Mon Jun 4th, 2007 01:42 pm
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Dave, there are thousands of people out there all with a thousand different opinions. If we listened to all of them and took them as the gospel, we would be tearing apart and redoing our layouts just to keep them satisfied. The only person who has the final say is yourself, so do what makes you happy. This project is YOURS when all is said and done, YOU have to look at it everyday, YOU might as well be proud of what YOU acomplished. The naysayers and nitpickers have nothing to do, BUT look at something they themselves cant acomplish, and then tell you how to do it so they can feel like they have achieved something they never could,in my humble opinion.

I now am stepping off the soap box, and say you have done one heckuva job that you should be proud of. :Salute:

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