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 Posted: Tue Jun 5th, 2007 07:22 pm
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Hi Dave,

First things first.  Like Hotshot mentioned don't ever trash it!  I would like to point out some positives if I may.

You have presented a  very well thought out diorama with loads of ideas and character.  for example, the same model modified three times, water, bridges, roads, detail parts, methods of rust and paint.  These are outstanding examples and techniques that ALL MODELERS can apply. 

I've built a layout or two over the years and learned several valuable techniques as you presented this thread.

Your diorama is to please only one person.....yourself!!!!!

If someone has a better way of doing something like a road or a bridge who cares?  Are you happy with what you did?  Can you do better with your talent and gifts? Can you gain something from what you've done?  Those are the questions that you can ask yourself in a postive manner.

I remember several years ago when my sawmill was on display at the Great Train Show in Denver back in 1999. A "critic" began to "explain" to his friends who were around him that my sawmill was "totaly" inacurate. After listening to him "point out" all of the "errors" in it, I asked him only one question. Did I build this to please you or did I build this for me?  His friends chuckled as he walked away in a huff.

Your work is outstanding!  Bust most of all, it's your work.  Be proud of it as you should be.



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