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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2007 02:36 pm
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OK-I will try to send some conversion photos, my problem is that I won't take my already running r/c locos apart for such stuff. I do have a Bachmann On30 2-8-0 which would work for a "how to"...really, these conversions are easy, all you need to have is the willpower and the ability to solder 4 or 5 wires together. I must relate that you will want to use a well-running loco for the r/c conversion. Radio won't make a poor runner into a jewel, you need to start out with a decent engine to get good results. Bachmann/Spectrum makes nice running locos(a little pricey) so I would look at these. On30 locos are pretty easy to do, large HO work also. Small stuff might require a trailer car with the equipment and then all you need is one trailer to couple behind several locos. You need to be un-afraid to use a razor saw and motor tool on your engine since the modifications may require a little more room for batteries, but it can be done! Also, I have found it easier and better (for me) to disable and get rid of the track wipers, pickups, etc. from the loco. I figure that when I convert something to r/c, I won't ever want it to run with antique technology any more anyway. My advice is to go to a hobby shop that has r/c cars and check oujt what's available. Your local train shop will just treat you like you're crazy-at least the big one here in town is that way. The small r/c units for cars work great and you don't need expensive rechargable batteries, the units can run off a 9 volt alkaline battery for a long time. I do use Lithium-polymer rechargable batteries in my stuff, but that's just me. I run a mining road with stiff 10-12% grades so I need the extra "oomph" these batteries provide. Write me if you need more info, there is more to this story than I can post at one time. Since you are reading this on a dedicated r/c site, I can make the statement that once you have tried running wireless, you will not go back! If you are planning on spending bucks on a dcc system, stop and think about r/c, it is far simpler, a bit cheaper, and without wiring and clean track problems, you are free to build a layout that actually operates and focus on other things besides complicated wiring, programming, short and open circuits, and where you put that stinkin' Brite Boy track cleaner!!! Have fun.

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