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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2007 02:40 am
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DW-the HO front end loader is great! The builder didn't tell about what kind of r/c unit he is using but judging from the model, he may have built it himself! He mentioned IR which is infra-red technology, similar to the TV clicker. What we have been using is "hobby grade" radio control that is different from IR. With r/c, the frequency can be changed by changing the frequency that links the transmitter and receiver. Also, r/c has an effective range of several hundred feet at the least, IR  works when the transmitter is pointed to the receiver-just like the tv clicker. The front end loader is a very cool model and maybe the guy will tell more about it in the future. What you are looking for is PROPORTIONAL SPEED AND DIRECTION CONTROL in as small of a unit you can find. My friends & I have probably became aware of maybe 10% of what's available so there is much more research to do. I am trying to explain what I have done, not promoting some product, and I am having too much fun running and building my layout to really devote the time it would take to "surfing the net" for everything that can be used. I have been using r/c in my On30 and lately 3/8n20 locos for probably 4 or 5 years and have had no problems with any of the equipment I have. I am also fortunate to have a good friend who builds r/c planes and he has given me much help and advice along the way. I have been building model railroads for about 50 years and really never had the fun I am having now with the added dimension of radio control. This one thing has freed me from having to build my layout with concerns about wiring, dirty track, and other problems. Since I have no electrical concerns now, if someone connected a power pack up to my layout, the rails would glow red and the power pack would go up in smoke but my locomotives would still run with no hassles! Real railroads don't have wires connected to the rails nor do they run off track why should my railroad be any different? Whew, I'm up on the soapbox again, but I feel that I can actually say these things on a site devoted to r/c trains.

If you have a Bachmann On30 2-6-0 or 2-8-0, get a TEAM LOSI MICRO-T CAR receiver(about 30 bucks), an inexpensive FUTABA 2 stick car radio(about 45 bucks), an alkaline 9 volt battery (maybe one buck), a battery clip for that battery (also about a buck), and a receiver crystal that matches the Futaba unit's frequency, or a set for another frequency(about 8-12 bucks) and get to work wiring it up. Just isolate the motor like you would do for dcc, and hook it up to the motor output wires on the LOSI board which now resides in the tender along with the 9 volt battery. Put batteries in the transmitter, turn it on and then turn on the loco's board and get to running wireless. That's all there is to it! After the first job, you will be an r/c expert and can do other locos and amaze your friends. Some of them will think it's all craziness, others will be unimpressed, but your friends who are open minded will want to join you and use their power packs as boat anchors. Welcome to the dork side!

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