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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2007 02:22 pm
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Oh yes, the antenna!! Since I am usually no more than a couple of feet away from the locomotive, the antenna placement is not as critical as it would if I were across the room running a train. The wire from the board that connects to the longer antenna in the r/c car is about all I am running. You shouldn't coil the antenna wire since that would cause some problems. I tend to run the antenna wire out and try to glue it down in a more or less straight line. Then I can paint it blabk or make it look like a piece of hose or rope laying on the loco somewhere. The antenna is the only thing you will have to mess with, all my locos have different installations. As I stated, I am never far from the locomotive so for me this is not that critical. My railroad has some twisty and bumpy track, covered with weeds and sometimes a derailment may occur-if I'm not being an attentive engineer!  Remember that if you do derail, the train will keep on going across the scenery, just like the real thing. If you just like to watch trains run round and round, r/c may not be what you want but if you like to operate, pick up and set out cars, then you will love it. Experiment with the antenna placement, I think each engine will be different. It might help to do a little antenna research, but that's up to you. Have fun.


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