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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2007 03:08 pm
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I haven't really worried about antenna placement with my locos, whatever seems to work is OK for me. I realize that some fellows may want to stand off a ways when they run a train, but I am close...maybe no more than 2 feet away, so if I can control the model at that range, I'm fine with the installation.  Receiver antennas SHOULD be laid out in a straight line and not coiled back on itself. In that perfect world, the receiver antenna should be around 38 inches for 27MHZ receivers, but that would be for (as an example) controlling an r/c car at a distance or a sailboat out on the lake. I have seen the 38 inch antenna carefully wound around (not touching) a piece of plastic tubing which can then be hidden inside a small boxcar, etc. Experimentation is the word here.

One thing Bob hasn't brought up is the "Captain Kirk space pistol" transmitters that are associated with many r/c cars. Bob is using a nice Futaba 2 stick transmitter which is acceptable to most modelers, the pistol grip transmitter is kind of strange and alien to what we want to do. I have taken a couple of these units and put the components into Radio Shack boxes which look like a normal wireless throttle. It takes some fiddling, but is easier to use and looks like something everybody uses. On Bob's transmitter, he has installed the throttle "detent" which makes his throttle stay wherever he sets it, mine have the center off "dead man's" throttle in place. I thought about changing to the way Bob uses, but am now familiar with the spring throttle and matter of fact prefer it since sometimes I get "tripped out" on something and take my thumb off the throttle-the loco stops, keeping from hitting something or taking a dive off the layout. That's just my way.

Bob is showing the way to do things, he is an innovater and true modeler. I thank him for bringing his work to us all.


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