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 Posted: Sat Jun 30th, 2007 01:08 pm
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Bob-you could recharge batteries with a "charging track" perhaps in front of a coaling station or water tower. The loco would have to be oriented for the correct polarity in the charging circuit and you would need to keep the wheel pickups to transfer the charge. You could install a dpdt switch in the battery circuit so when you pull up for "fuel", you could switch the power routing. I suppose that you could have a trickle charge on the rails of the layout and run while charging, but wiring the track is something r/c is supposed to do away with! I do know of one fellow who did not disable the track pickups on his loco and fried his board when he turned on the power pack to run a dc loco. I believe that for the safest and best operation, the loco pickups should be disabled and then you can run on a dc or dcc layout with no problem. It would be nice if an r/c expert could chime in on this subject and put forth some ideas. The Lithium batteries I am using provide hours of service before needing a charge and don't lose the charge even if it is a couple of months between operating. Also, Lithiums don't have a "memory" like other rechargables, but they are costly. My batteries are built into the locomotives and when I need to charge them, I do it on the workbench with no disassembly. How long do these batteries last? I will probably not need to change them in my lifetime so the cost becomes manageable.

Hope this "clears" something up, maybe it will spark more research in eather case, discussion is great!


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