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 Posted: Sat Jun 30th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Larry-I imagine you can run more than one loco with one transmitter. Bob is working on that and maybe he has some ideas. As for me, I have 4 locos and they are all on the same frequency but since I am one guy (engineer), I only run one at a time keeping the others turned off. When I want to change locos, I turn one off(get down out of the cab) and get another loco turned on (climb up into another loco) and get to work. I have a friend who can run 2 locos at the same time by himself with 2 transmitters, but that ain't me! I can only control one at a time, maybe that's my disadvantage, but I believe that only one engineer can run one loco at a time-in the "real" world. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!!!

PS-my railcars run off different freqs so if I have visitors, they can run a loco and I can follow with a railcar-just in case the dadgum loco starts a "fire" along the way!!!





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