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 Posted: Tue Jul 3rd, 2007 03:26 am
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Larry-as Bob said, there's a little rachet & spring thing that can be removed and the throttle will stay in one place. I believe Bob is working on a way to use the steering outputs on the LOSI boards to control another loco on the same frequency with the same transmitter!!!! Oh Bob-have you figured this out yet???? There is a tiny r/c helicopter that has a very tiny 3.7 volt Lithium battery that is about the size of a dime and can be recharged 1000's of times! I have used one of these in a little r/c bulldozer I built and it can be hidden in small models. There is a larger battery for a bigger copter that can be used in small spaces but I haven't messed with this one yet. Here's a space saving idea from my friend Joe Bostick for guys using 9 volt alkaline batteries-take the metal cover off the power cells, remove the snap hook ups on the top, solder wires to where the snaps were and install. Doing this saves about 1/4 inch length and maybe 1/8 inch width. The battery still works like it should and lasts as long as it does. I used to get the little 3 volt Lithium camera batteries (CR-2) to run my early r/c stuff and I was getting 6 months or more on one set of 2. I ran my locos in several shows on the same batteries. I have found that my larger 1:32n20 locos need the "oomph" that the rechargables provide, but 9 volts or the camera batteries is just fine for most HO or On30 stuff. Be on the look out for other small batteries, technology changes almost daily!


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