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 Posted: Mon Jul 30th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Hi Woodie,

I have Vol 6, #5 - Oct/Nov 2004 LID with your article in it I have read it several times and have read all the posts here and at the FS32NGModelrail-yahoo group in reference to R/C Control for model trains.

I made a list of what I think I need and called my local Hobby Town. I buy some of my train stuff from them. They have a big R/C Dept. and I told the R/C guy what I wanted to do and gave him my "stuff" list. They have everything on the list that I need to try my first R/C train.

1. Futaba 2 ch/2 stick receiver about $50
2. Proportional Foward & Reverse about $40
3. Battery 8.4 volt about $20
4. Charger - about $25

Do I need to buy an R/C car for the motor or can I use a small train motor? I would like to use a small train motor but if the first one would be easier with an R/C Car motor they sell a Bahi VW that is about 1/36 scale for about $76.

I am going to the store this afternoon and have a look at it all. I was asked to bring something about the size of what I want to put this into. I have a Bachmann On30 "Stock Car" and will take it.

I am scratch building a fleet of On30 McKeen Motor Cars and believe all the R/C and battery(s) stuff will fit inside one of them without a problem.

Am I missing anything?

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