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 Posted: Mon Jul 30th, 2007 06:48 pm
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The motors you want to use are those ment for model railroading! Quality little motors by Sagami, Mabucci, etc. are what you want. If you are doing your own mechanism, try to get the best you can. is a fellow located up here in Hurst, TX and has these and more like Falhauber gearhead motors, etc. Give him a try. The r/c car motors are probably too big for what we do and they are wound for SPEED, not slow speed operation. All the stuff you bought will work great with any model railroad motor, no problems. Remember that for you to be satisfied with this, be sure to use a great-running mechanism. Radio control won't make a sow's ear work right, use something that runs well from the outset. I also suggest hooking everything up permanently from the outset, just hooking up some wires to see what happens may cause problems(maybe not, but why court danger?) Bob has an excellent tutorial in the radio control site on the first page which details what he did and that is using the Losi board & Futaba transmitter. As we have discovered, our bridges back to dc or dcc may have been burned by going wireless, I know I won't use antique power for my trains any more! Good luck and have fun. Write if you need anything.


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