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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2009 09:54 pm
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It is very common to see multiple rights-of way at different levels in mining districts, and I wanted to re-create a scene similar to this along the Coronado Railroad following Chase Creek:

The Coronado 20" gauge is down by the creek, with the Shannon Arizona 3-foot gauge above.  A highway is located above the SARR. 

I have recently added a modest switchback and branch line climbing around the room clockwise to an upper level.  Here is the start of the switchback:

Click here to see more images of the branch line so far: 

Now that I have lots of retaining walls to build I will be exploring different ways to create convicing stone and timber walls.  I would like to hear what others have used that has worked well for them, and will share what turns out well for me as I experiment with them.

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