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 Posted: Wed May 6th, 2009 05:28 pm
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Thanks, Woodie!  That's the look I am shooting for here...stone with perhaps some timber cribbing here and there for variety.

Mike, that's a complete line of the Frijoles Flats adobe structures, the Cantina, Mercantil and Groceria, and a Tony's Garage.  Also on the street out of view will be your re-issued Pool Hall (built as the town's hotel with adjoining assay office), Jail (adapted Groceria including banditos busting their friend out of jail), Mining Supply, Territorial Epitaph, and Company Store (Stone Mill Models Golden Pipe smoke shop).  That's a lot of building to do!

Clif, I really like your idea and will give it a try!  I didn't want to carve plaster, but the thin wash would give the styrofoam texture.  I might even try using Kilz on the foam, a primer paint that has some texture to it, and wouldn't require mixing.  Thanks for the suggestion!


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