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 Posted: Thu Aug 6th, 2009 04:44 pm
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After read various articles and manuals on DCC, not only has not understood as the equipment to connect, but also has ceased to understand which equipment it is necessary to get and in what quantity (well unless, except base station).

For the garden railway has decided to buy DCC equipment Lenz. In addition, for movement automation - operating modules Dispatcher from Russian company Modelldepo ( (the description only in Russian)).

Please, help to make the scheme of connection of the equipment, division into the sites isolated (block) and the list of necessary components. All stages on garden rr single-line, even in that case when ways go in parallel. All signals on the track scheme are assumed by the operating.

Also advise, please, software for Windows (or Linux, as a variant) for management garden rr and performance of various operations. It is desirable, with connection possibility (or changes) a language file.

Track scheme:

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