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 Posted: Wed Nov 18th, 2009 07:26 pm
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Hi guys,

I still peruse around usenet a bit (am I dating myself here?), and on the scale modelling newsgroup, someone posted yesterday that there is a new kit available that came from the molds of the original 1950's kit.

The site indicates it is 1/67, but the scale group insisted it is 1/48.

They also sell borax "ore" to fill your hoppers.  They indicate that the ore will not cause shorting problems, but can coat rail with dust that when wiped off will clean the rail.   Neat.

I know some of you (most?) are western type folks, so thought this might be of interest.  Maybe you can't add a death valley route to your layout, but I'm sure those hard working mules could be persuaded to haul something else in other locales.


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