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 Posted: Thu Nov 19th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Over the years, I have heard that the 20 mule team kit was 1:64, 1:40, yadda yadda...I can assure you that according to the size of the human figures, it is 1:48 scale. I had a kit when I was a kid, ordered from the back of a borax box...cost 1 buck. Some years back, I acquired 2 kits one of which was in the original shipping box from the 1950's. I used the mule skinners and other guys on my On20 layout, a couple of the mules also. The wagons were too large for what I had, so they became kitbash fodder and the water tanks became tank cars for the railroad. Now that I am in a larger scale, the wagon parts are a better size and the mules are burros/donkeys. Not too long ago, collectors (read numbnuts) were paying 50 bucks & more for a kit...I am glad that the kit is back, that may render the shelf store bozos with a lower price for their "investment". What goes around, comes around.


BTW-if anyone wants to build this like it is, be prepared to have a model that is about 3 feet need one heckuva scene for that!

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