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 Posted: Wed Dec 9th, 2009 02:18 am
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Here are some pix of some 18" gauge mining stuff from Clifton, Arizona. This was taken in front of the Phelps Dodge company offices. Enjoy.

Here is a little electric mine lokie, the pole has been removed.

Grandt Line makes a model of this Koppel side dump cart in HO & O scale.

The Koppel car had this tiny knuckle coupler, smallest I have seen on a non-miniature line. The cap shows the approx scale.

Here is a little O&K "V tipper" car.

A "crane" car for inside a mine and to the right is a cool little "front end loader" mining car.

another view of the "front end loader" car. This is just a sample of the stuff out there in Clifton...home of the 20" gauge railroads..There is more if anybody wants to see it. Arizona is a museum for old forgotten railroad and mining equipment,   Woodie

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