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 Posted: Mon Dec 28th, 2009 05:06 pm
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Here are a couple more, the first is in a small Ghost town operated by the Empire Zinc Co. The thing I like about mortarless walls is that they are never straight or square:

The second one is the back wall of the Silver City Smelter, what is interesting is that it is very tall for mortarless wall, and that it is nearly perpendicular:

The third is my favorte narrow gauge-the 24" Imuris Mines railroad. When I was a young bucharoo I helped out during roundup on a friends ranch in the Sierra Madre and the railroad grade passed near the ranch. I've spent over 20 years lookng for a photograph of this railroad, I even posted a ONE MILLION (old) Peso reward down in ol Mexico, but still havent found a dagnabbed photo:




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