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 Posted: Mon Dec 28th, 2009 06:06 pm
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Wow! Nice rockwork there. You do good mountain scenery.

As to the retaining walls...all it looks like they need is some added depth...maybe a squirt of thinned black or something. With work that well done I'd be afraid of ruining it but those things can all usually be fixed with added coloring.

Also, I'm sure glad you just recently joined...and welcome, BTW...or people would think that a couple of us copied your Silver City cars. Both Woodie Greene and I are using similar cars on our 1/35th RRs. (See the Mogollon and Chisos threads for pics) My Chisos is just getting started but Woodie is well along.

The cars. Are they scratchbuilt? More info on your railroad please. We love pics and descriptions of fine work like that. 

James Sullivan
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