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 Posted: Thu Dec 31st, 2009 11:34 am
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scratchbuilt wrote: After I looked at this thread in the Buntbahn-forum :

I thought I make hood and cabin in card. I've built in card before so it is not as strange as it sounds. Now Herbert is my first loco with a plastic frame and a card housing.

A very interesting thread - I can see why it inspired you.

As I haven't used the German language since I was in school (nearly 30 years ago), I obviously found it a bit difficult to work out exactly what everyone was saying - but I understood enough from the pictures.

I quite liked the drive mechanism on the first page - and the card "diesel draisine" later in the thread also looked interesting.

Making locos and rolling stock from card doesn't sound strange to me - it's actually a very old idea - but a lot of people use this method even now. Quite apart from all the card kits produced by Alphagraphix (and others) - garden railway kits from - and downloads from the likes of - it's noticeable how many models on Freerails started as card mock-ups.

Also, a few years ago, I saw some guy at a model railway show, demonstrating how to build models from card - and he'd brought with him a display case full of excellent rolling stock models he'd built in this way. Card might not be the easiest modelling material to work with, but it's perfectly usable if you know what you're doing - I just wish I did!

Sorry to hear about the problems with the R/C gear - I'm sure you will have learnt a lot from that.

Anyway, that's more than enough from me - it'll be interesting to find out how you get on with your models.



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