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 Posted: Fri Jan 1st, 2010 12:22 am
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Albert-great looking model so far! I am sorry you had problems with the r/c stuff...carry on and you will be rewarded. Cardstock, strathmore board, even old "shirt" cardboard were used many years ago, before things like styrene sheet, milled basswood, etc. became available. In fact, locomotives were built from oak and pine with cardboard cabs and tenders. I remember reading a construction article in which the author built a rather large HO locomotive, turning the boiler from wood and the frame was made from wood also. Parts like drivers and wheels were available, but little else. These days, the models would be considered rather crude, but considering the materials used and the talent it took to make something neat from a shoebox and piece of an orange crate-today's modelers have it very easy! Cardstock seems to be a reasonable medium even now. Please, more photos.


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