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 Posted: Sat Jan 16th, 2010 11:47 am
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Hi all,

My little Herbert is doing fine now, although I haven't finished it.  It runs like it should after I changed a 'gear-wheel'. (Don't know the english word.L:) I find myself playing a lot with Herbert, neglecting the other loco's. Then I thought: lets play them together! Didn't work, the trackpowerloco's made my little Herbert go mad. Radiodisturbance or so....  Then I thought I try again finding a way to change the other locs, with the funny shaped chassis with lots of iron, to RC-drive. In a German forum I found a guy, Martin, who just did it!,nxu,01642644nx1878,t,2854,start,10.html  (scroll down a bit) So, there is hope!:glad:

While enjoying Herbert I thought it would be nice to park it somewhere out of reach and still be able to switch it off. Mr. Martin wrote he maybe will try this with a reed-contact or magnet-switch. Has anyone tried this before and did it work?


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