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 Posted: Sun Jan 17th, 2010 03:14 pm
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Howdy Albert. I don't know why your loco "goes crazy" on track power...unless you have pickups installed on it and there is some sort of feedback through the board. All my r/c locos operate well on DC and DCC layouts (even when those layouts are not operating due to wiring problems). You might try some small capacators across the motor brushes to nix any interference. Someone else needs to advise as to these, I have 2 locos with the caps and they got rid of small problems.  I have no pickups for track power on my locos, I believe that's why everything works. As for the reed switches, a magnetic on/off switch can be connected in line with a battery to board wire (negative) and the loco can be switched on & off easily. The switch needs to be placed correctly to operate right. Keep us posted.        Woodie

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