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 Posted: Mon Jan 25th, 2010 11:24 pm
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Albert-now I understand about the belt slipping. Here's a high tech thing you may try in the future for making a sturdy frame without soldering. Find some carbon fiber sheets of the proper thickness, it ain't cheap but it will be as rigid as any brass frame. You can use CA or epoxy to glue the parts together and as tough as the cf is, you shouldn't ever need any bearings, etc. because the material wears like steel! A model plane friend "turned me on" to this and I am duly impressed. A plate frame can be made rather easily and even details could be made with careful work. The only problem I see is that when you file or motor tool the cf, the dust is VERY VERY BAD! Do not breathe it or get it into your eyes! But then working with brass, etc. is the same thing just about. Thought I would throw this out, if I was to be building a new loco, I would probably try this.           Woodie

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