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 Posted: Fri Feb 5th, 2010 02:27 am
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OK!, From now on if you see this at the beginning of my post, it means that I'm just cranking the old jack-in-the-box with the tranny in neutral! How's that?! I gave a couple subtle clues... 

Ya couldn't tell I was making it up as I went along? i was starting with one idea and then slammed on the brakes and made a bat turn...

The soldering tips are all professional advice. Actually you can consider most of it professional advice. This is not my idea except for some of the detail. This is actually used for invisible electronic displays. It uses the same principles as fiber-optics and those single lamp toy car/train headlight/tail-light deals with the clear and translucent plastic rails.

I meant to post an addendum to make that crystal clear. All you have to do to try it is scratch something in the surface of a piece of clear plastic, wire up an LED or 2 and see how it looks... Put a drop of water on the LED to get a good clear connection and line up the LED's element with the edge of the plastic so the light is pointing at the etching. Adding LED's will just improve the brightness and evenness.

I just bought some clear sheet styrene but it's soft. Does anyone have a source for anything rigid in the .005" to .020" range?

Steve Z

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