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 Posted: Sun Feb 7th, 2010 02:18 pm
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yes, but not sure how many others use the technique, i have been using it for a long time as a throwoff of the fine scale miniatures techniques i learned in HO.  I like the semi weathered look it gives to the paint without having to use rubber cement method or varsol.

You could paint a structure say boxcar red, then take coach or depot olive or blue or whatever top coat and make it look like the last coat of paint is flaking off or wearing off of the under colour, have not done that for a while.  Its great effect in HO or O.

Basically as far as i understand what i am seeing when i do it, is that the dipping the brush into the thinners before lightly into the paint gives more than enough thinners to **activate** the basecoats i may lettering grey.

 note---I just make one pass over the base coat, any more than that and the TOPcoat becomes mottled and not right.  IF YOU MESS IT UP YOU WILL SEE IT RIGHT AWAY .


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