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 Posted: Tue Feb 23rd, 2010 02:45 am
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I think that I will go ahead and start this bit with some information about what I am planning to build. In the 1990's, I built a small around the dining room walls layout which fulfilled my "need" to get back into model railroading after a 15 year foray into sports cars. I have been in this hobby for over 50 years now, so this wasn't my first layout. What I wanted was to model an "extreme" narrow gauge line without spending lots of cash for brass locos, etc. I found that MDC/Roundhouse offered a neat kit for an HOn3 Shay locomotive, which I bought. But having been into HOn3 and HOn30 years before, I wanted something different...bigger. I remembered reading an article by Earl Martin in RMC about his On3 and On20 layout...that was what I wanted..On20. I could build this with the HOn3 Shay all gussied up with O scale parts and crew and Grandt Line offered fine O scale Gilpin Tramway ore cars which worked with HOn3 trucks. I got going on a layout, building on top of book shelves, coffee tables, anything I could find to hold up the sections. After I got the layout built, I wrote an article about it for the July/August 2000 Gazette-My Mogollon Railway. I enjoyed working on the layout and gave it to a good friend when I joined the Texas Outlaws On30 modular group and went "whole hog" into thirty inch gauge. The Mogollon's little On20 Shays and the cars went into a big box which sat in my friend Mudge's garage gathering lots of dust. The On30 plan "evolved" into 1:35n2...a larger scale which uses 16.5MM gauge (HO, On30). The "new" Mogollon Railway is shown in this website so I won't get into what I have now. The layout is outside and when the weather is lousy (we have had some real nasty stuff here in Dallas), the MRy sleeps under plastic sheets until I can operate. That's why I love every season except winter! This year, I decided that I would make something that I could mess with and run a train when I was inside-a "mini layout". I didn't want to use the larger scale radio controlled stuff, I wanted smaller for inside. Then I remembered the dusty box in the garage and what happened next will become the subject of this story.

   Something new to me will be taking photos and writing about how I am building this as it goes along. I hope to not take too long to bring the project to a more or less "finished" place. I have a piece of 2" blue foam-24" by 48" thanks to shayboiler(John) and have decided that I can get away with 10" radius curves since the Shay I have will run around that curve without any problems. I plan to build a small switchback coming off the "mainline" which will simply loop around the 2 by 4. Scenery will be arid New Mexico mesas and mountains with maybe 2 small mines on the switchback. The track will be handlaid using code 55 rail (like the old On20 layout) and control will be by good old dc from a Spectrum power pack. I will try to make all the scenery from styrofoam and all details will be glued as best as I can glue...the layout will sometimes be standing on end in my motor home. The KISS principle will be observed, I just want to have some indoor train fun, not build the G&D in a 8 foot wide space.

   The hardest part of all this is already done-the trains. All I have to do is build something for the trains to run on. Any questions or suggestions will be appreciated as this goes along. And when the weather gets nice...I will be back outside running ore trains to the smelter. I trust that I can build in 2 scales..we shall see.  Woodie

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