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 Posted: Wed Feb 24th, 2010 08:45 pm
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Moving right along. I haven't done this yet but the bare styrofoam board will get some 1/8" tempered Masonite around the edges BEFORE I get too far along. I want this thing to have a finished look...I am leaning to Masonite, but I just might get some 2" milled pine strips for the edge and paint or stain it a dark color. Still thinking. Today, I got all the code 55 weathered rail available at the hobby shop so I am a few steps closer. The ties will be cut from basswood planks about 1/8" thick-using my balsa stripper to make sticks about 1/8" square and cut them to length. Probably the only stuff I need to buy is the edging stock, I now have the rail and I believe all the other associated junk is either in the garage or somewhere in the motor home. For laying the track I have at least 4 HOn3 (On20) track gauges, an NMRA HOn3 gauge, plenty of really tiny spikes, and almost a gallon of Titebond 2 for glueing stuff together. I am still debating with Peach Head about the actual track plan, but there's only so much you can do on a 2 by 4 in O scale-there won't be any downtowns, no harbor scenes, no Rockie Mountains...just a couple of mines, a water tank, and maybe some other little structure. The scenery will be the thing. And besides, all I want is something to mess with while the big layout is not operating and to be able to take this thing to a show or meeting (if anybody will allow me).

More adventures to follow.                

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