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 Posted: Thu Feb 25th, 2010 04:38 pm
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James-the old MRy equipment has...hold on...KD #5 couplers! No L&P's on this one! And after thinking things over...I feel that I will have to explain to Mopman why I won't have a passing siding. I am really not going to be into operating this layout, it will be for me just to watch a pokey little train run around and around and maybe once in a while take a couple of cars to the mines.  The KISS is still in effect.

Now, I am cutting ties. I couldn't find any 1/8 basswood in the wood box, but there was lots of nice old 1/8" hard balsa, this is what I will use. Here is a photo showing the ties being cut out.

I am using a MASTER AIRSCREW BALSA STRIPPER to cut the 1/8 square lumber which will be cut into tie lengths. I was gonna make the stock a scale 5" wide (5 by 5 by 5) but an O scale inch is too little to quibble over. So, the ties will be 6" square by 5' long in scale. The balsa stripper is the best thing to come down the pike (for me) since I can cut my own lumber from sheets and not obsess about finding the right thing at the LHS. The stripper is available at any shop that sells model planes and is found on the net if there is no store nearby. It is really expensive, about 7 bucks! I can cut bass, balsa, and most other stock up to 1/4" thick and make boards 3/4" wide. Now, all I have to do is cut the strips to length in a miter box and get ready to stain them & glue the little buggers down. In the time it has taken me to shoot the photo and explain this, I probably could have laid down half the layout.

Next up will be some tie laying and then the rails will be spiked down! The fun just never stops.

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