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 Posted: Sun Feb 28th, 2010 01:07 pm
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Hi all,

After spending a few weeks testing Herbert and trying to improve it's performance I decided to try something else. Here is the result. It's called 'Herbert II'. The total lenght is 7 cm. in this stage. (about 2.75 inch)

It is an old HO Fleischmann Anna chassis. She used to be a steamer but I removed cylinders and drivegear because Herbert II will become a freelance diesel. I replaced the original motor with something made in China. If I remember well this motor comes from an old stearing servo. Even with one 3,7V lipo it is a bit too fast at topspeed. But who cares. It can crawl. Herbert II runs 200% better as Herbert. Four wheel drive and more weight. It pushes a short train up a 5% incline! It proves Woodie's theorie about the good and bad running chassis. So this will be the road to follow. Old Herbert will be dismanteled later, and offcoarse re-used in a next project.

More to come,


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