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 Posted: Sat Mar 6th, 2010 05:03 pm
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I did a quick search and could not see if this had been covered.

:cool:Anyhow, looking at the size of my minimum gauge model on 16.5mm track I reckoned if G gauge at 1:22.5 is 'Garden' gauge then 1:24 on 16.5mm could go in the garden. In my case a semi temporary structure so I was thinking in terms of a single track with loops at either end. I had worked out that the points could easily be set to be operated by the train so that the whole system could run continuously.

:brill:Then it struck. The polarity of the line between the loops has to change from what it was when the loco went in to when it comes out. Ideas for auto reversing switches etc. went through head.

:2t:But, an obvious solution came up, third rail! If the running rails were always the same pole and the third rail was the other pole then not problem for a loop.

But how:

1 overhead supply would work - but not if it is a steam outline.
2 Thied rail, centre or side involves virtually making track from scratch
3 Stud system!

Having found a small book on the subject it seems to tick all the boxes. Even great outdoors with a degree of self cleaning of the studs. Recommended for outdoor lines as steam and electricity can easily be mixed.

L:Just wondered if anyone else has tried the stud system. Peco make a stud strip, which means only points need pins.

One day I might finish something................. find out if I do at my own paid for site (under construction)
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