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 Posted: Sun Mar 7th, 2010 09:05 am
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Yes, I could use batteries. Would not be to difficult to place them in the trucks, will think about that one. At least with 'big' bodies on small bogies there will be plenty of room.

This does bring up another question. If I dispense with the outside electricity supply any ideas on operating the points by the loco? I think fo H0 size it might be possible to rig up a mechanical arrangement.

I thought of DCC and then realised it has the same problem as two rail on revesed loops. While the polarity is not important the two opposite lines cannot be electrically connected, something that actually happens in the real world and with model systems using a third rail, studs or overhead supply.

As for studding. Peco do a strip to fit down the centre. Aimed at Marklin kit but does not look obtrusive.

While the railway will run in the garden, practicalities mean it will be a 'mobile' system, being store in the garage when ot in play.

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