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 Posted: Sun Mar 7th, 2010 08:17 pm
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Herbie-MARKLIN has figured out the turnout/stud problem long ago. I ain't gonna speculate as to how it's done, but it works...quite well, in fact. Again, I am still wondering why anyone would build something that can be run outside and use dc, dcc, or as Marklin has-ac power. Batteries or batteries and r/c is the best idea...I'm not saying this because that's what I use, but from experience. Why do most all garden railroaders in the US use r/c, and why do most garden railroaders in the UK just stick a bettery in the loco and watch it run around and around. They run this way because it works and there is no hassle outside of the occasional battery change or recharge. Live steamers love to use r/c to run their locos also...the servos are connected to the throttle & reverse levers. Anybody can do as they please, but carrying a power supply, extention cord, track cleaners, and all the other stuff to run a little train outside seems like it would get very old very fast. Once again, only my opinion.


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