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 Posted: Mon Mar 8th, 2010 06:43 pm
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the build started out as a yorke kit named OUISI'S BAR put out in O scale around 1995 era in hydrocal.

the large diamond pattern windows the opening was cut into the walls using a dremel fiberglass cutoff wheel, VERY CAREFULLY. The brick was sprayed with auto rattle can primer then a very thin coat of gesso was applied to the walls for mortar lines.

The foundation casting was cut into half thickness with my bandsaw and the cutoff part was used as a foundation for the cookhouse addition. 

The mermaid figure was a left over one from a possible use on saltie sams seafood emporium, which got the tiger shark for the signage instead.  I found it on ebay as i did the shark and the happy heffer figure.

this is my build #511


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