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 Posted: Mon Mar 8th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Neil-thanks for all this information, I am glad that so many others are going wireless. My 1:35n2 locomotives run with 2 cell, 7.4 volt Li-Poly batteries, one Shay loco uses an 11.1 3 cell job since it runs way too slow on just 7 volts. Long ago, I decided that I never ran my locos on more than 6 volts when they were dc, so the 2 cell batteries work great. I have a Model T railcar that uses a small 7.4 volt battery due to the Falhauber gearhead motor and 2:1 crossbox which I would love to install a 1 cell with a converter due to space considerations. That's why I was interested in the size of the converters. Keep up the good fight.     Woodie

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