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 Posted: Thu Mar 11th, 2010 09:16 pm
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Herb Kephart

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You told me that this is only the voltage step up board, and that you have now incorporated it into the receiver.

How about some details on the system- frequency, comparability with other systems, etc.

How many operators can use the system at one time?

Do you make the transmitter as well as the receiver? I know that you have been working on this for several years, and use it on your own HO layout. Has it been tried by others? Do you have more refining to do?

Are the RX and ESC incorporated into the same board?

Neglecting the battery, what is the size of the components that go into the loco? If you are using it in HO equipment, it must be fairly small.

How does DCC fit into this whole picture?

As Woodrow is fond of saying "Expiring minds want to know"

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