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 Posted: Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 02:03 pm
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Link to the 7 pictures

I have built a lot of dioramas since 1991 when I started doing them,
and this GEORGE BILYOU build #447 harness supplies & repairs,
plus hand carved duck decoys is one of my all time favorites.

Currently am working on new builds # 513..514..515..516.

My original plan was to build the front wall to represent a set of eyeglasses,
for an eye glass selling store.

That was all cut out and framed with 1/8" sq basswood,
when I stumbled into the 2 signs you see placed in the openings.

The round openings in the wood were made using a woodworkers FORSTNER BIT,
cut from the rear to reduce tearout.

I selected a size to match the signs which just happened to match a floquil paint bottles roundness. 

I soaked a piece of stripwood in water and when pliable enough,
I then very carefully wrapped it around the bottle and then taped it on.

Left it to sit for a day until dry and unwrapped it and tested the fit to the existing hole.

Trick is to trim it too an exact fit in the ring.
I used a strip wider than the wall thickness as I wanted an edge detail hanging out.

At this point the focus and eventual look kinda morphed into this very quirky structure,
with the over the top entrance way.

Windows and doors are all Grandt Line plastic as is the porch trimmings.

Walls are northeastern scale lumber distressed with a wallpaper knife and a nail hole punch. 

Paint is Floquil solvent based dark blue over a base coat of Floquil grime or driftwood flo-stain. 

Roofing is builders in scale.

Hope you enjoy viewing this structure and that it gives you some ideas for creating something yourself.

Comments also welcome and questions answered.

madmike3434  :old dude:

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