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 Posted: Wed Apr 14th, 2010 06:16 pm
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W C Greene wrote:  I am still wondering why anyone would build something that can be run outside and use dc, dcc, or as Marklin has-ac power. Batteries or batteries and r/c is the best idea...In my case it is an outside railway project using 16.5mm track, but 1/24 locos. Intended as a single line with loops all complexities disappear when a third rail is used. the stud contact system is promoted for outside becasue of its self cleaning properties.

PECO make a copper stud strip to fit under their track, so someone uses it. Also it is fairly straight forward as a DIY exercise. Wire wrapped over sleepers for main lenghts with solid brass pins for crossings and switched.

Add a desire to try something different and there you have it.

One day I might finish something................. find out if I do at my own paid for site (under construction)
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