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 Posted: Sat Apr 24th, 2010 10:57 pm
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If it ain't too late I'd like to get an order in for one of the Kyosho VW Golf thingy so I can put Woodie to work installing it in the tender of my Mantua basterdized articulated. He says he can do it in five minutes so at his work rate of $80.00 per hour I can afford it AND  the Kyosho thingy if your rate of $65.00 for it still goes.

I'll be glad to come get it and save you the trouble and expense of mailing it or you can come by the house and deliver it in your own good time...whichever.  I would need a home address for you in the first case and since I'm so bad with names would you tell me again what bobbyb stands for?  I'm here nearly all the time so you can PM or I'll listen for you on freerails tomorrow to see if you get this computer is like everybody elses...I don't understand it. Or try e-mail Whatever blows your dress up.

Thank you, Sir. 

Bill Caldwell, Curmudgeon at large

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