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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2010 06:29 pm
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:bg: Hi All Freerailers

       Just adding pics of the most recent build. It is slightly modified "Jaks Industries " old resin kit. Might still be around but scarce. These kits were made of an early type resin. You may have seen them, brown in color and full of imperfections, not to mention warping. Got to say it was a challenge to get it to a point I was satisfied with. A whole lot of filling, filing, sanding, and heating to straighten. Can't truly say the instructions were anything to rave about either. Anyway here it is and please give me your opinions, otherwise I will continue to do what I've done getting the same results with no improvement.

There is a few things that I am pleased with, various scatch built details. The signs from the large main sign that acually swings to the smallest oil cans and barrels, all found on the web. One points to a UFO crash site.Water in the tubs and buckets, hoses small and large, inner tubes to mention a few. See if you can find some of the period gas station items. Paper towels in there dispenser, air bell to signal gas jockey on duty. Much of these details will be used across the street at the Kempton Auto Repair. Hope you like it. All in all it was a satisfying build.

                                                                                    :) Clif K

P.S. This is O scale.




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