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 Posted: Sat Sep 4th, 2010 10:51 pm
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This afternoon I was almost napping after a day of working on my layout, going to the train store, and talking about trains with old friends...lots of hard work to be sure. Well, on the TV (which is "white noise" that makes me sleepy), the "retro TV" channel was showing old western shows. Then it happened...a show with trains, and not just any old trains, but almost 30 minutes of SP narrow gauge trains! This was an old "Annie Oakley" TV show which I didn't watch when I was a kid because it was thought to be a "girls' show". Man, was I wrong! I did not get the segment title, maybe some dilligent TV lover will figure it out because it's worth a look...again! In the show, Annie and the sheriff were looking for train robbers. The train views were taken on the SP's old Keeler, CA branch and featured SP #9-a nice little 4-6-0, a couple of flat cars, boxcar #126 (I believe), and combine/caboose #401 on the end. There were scenes of the train running with the Owens Valley and mountains in the distance and scenes of the sheriff fighting with a robber on the flats and then in the loco's cab. Everybody fell off the train and Annie rode hard and got in the cab & brought #9 to a nice stop. WHAT A GROOVY SHOW! The train was actually the "star" of this show, very few of the scenes were without it being shown.

From now on, I will watch these old shows in hopes that trains will show up again. Has anyone else seen shows with trains like this? I don't mean Petticoat Junction (that's all it is-train) but maybe some old show from the dim and forgotten past with views of....TRAINS! I will be on the lookout for neat shows that have trains and if I can get any info, I will pass it along...after I watch the show.


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