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 Posted: Fri Sep 10th, 2010 07:17 pm
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Yeah Bob. I'll take anything that runs on "g gauge" track which is 45mm between the railheads. Right now Fn3 (1:20.3 scale) is the predominent scale in the large scale community thanks to Bachmann's sizeable offering of engines in that scale.

My scale of 1:17 is slightly larger but instead of being 3 foot narrow gauge it's 2 foot, 6 inch (30 inches) gauge yet still uses 45mm track.

Since I pkayed with On30 before I thought it would be neat to grow that scale by a factor of 3 (approx) and toss the rails on my five acre "benchwork".

HO scale engines can be converted to On30 since both use the same track. In my case the 1:20n3 stuff can be converted to 1:17n30.

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