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 Posted: Sun Sep 12th, 2010 01:09 am
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Woodie, there are a few things I have to draw the line at. Digging out my models while driving is one of them. I'll take pictures of the view outside my office all day long as shown on my Trucking Blog... but that's as far as my photography pursuits go while piloting the Beast. :)

Unfortunately for Bob, I thought I had a photo of my engine before this conversion began but it turns out I don't. And my second new Bachmann Porter is at my place in OKC where I'm not. So doing a side by side photo can't be provided.

Anywayz, for Bob's benefit... 1:20n3 uses 15mm (about 9/16 of an inch) to the foot and 1:17n30 uses 18mm (about 3/4 of an inch) to the foot. I'm fluent in metric Bob being that I'm married to a Canadian and have sorta, kinda lived there for the past six years. :)

When converting an engine in a freelanced manner as I'm doing the primary goal is to "grow" those main components that the people have to access. In the case of an engine that means the cab. Everything else can remain the same for the most part.

BTW, a six foot tall figure in 1:17 is 4 inches tall. In 1:20 about 3-1/2 inches. A difference of 1/2 inch.

Okay, the original cab's actual measurements (not counting roof overhang) in inches with the 1:20 scale measurements in parenthesis...

Length 3-1/4" (5ft 6 inches)
Width 4" (6 ft 9 inches)
Height 4" (6 ft 9 inches)

The new cab's actual measurements (not counting roof overhang) in inches with the 1:17 scale measurements in parenthesis...

Length 3-1/2" (5 ft)
Width 4-1/4" (6 ft inches)
Height 4-7/8" (6 ft 9 inches)

I grabbed this photo off the net to give an idea of how the Bachmann began life... Sorry it's small but it's all I could find of a good side view...

Next photo shows my 1:17n30 conversion with it's new cab, boiler and side tanks...

Old cab on new engine... (yes, it's on backwards as it won't fit over my new boiler otherwise... lol)...

Original cab beside my new cab...

Both engines are about 11 inches in length. I hope this gives a you a better idea of the differences between a 1:20 scale 36 inch gauge loco and a 1:17 scale 30 inch gauge loco.

Long post huh? And to think I did it all on my little iPhone... take photos, upload to Photobucket, copy, paste, type in everything with one finger... I iz awesome. :cool:

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